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Be a Friend of Birmingham Wheels

Everyone needs friends, and Birmingham Wheels is no exception.

Becoming a Friend of Birmingham Wheels means you will be kept up-to-date with everything that's going on at the Park, and our efforts to save Wheels from the bulldozers. Every new member of the Friends of Birmingham Wheels group will help us as we push to make our voice heard in an ever-more aggressive and money-orientated world.

Birmingham Wheels is all about inclusive and accessible sporting opportunities. It is a place where dreams are fulfilled, careers have been launched and World Champions have started out.

We serve a community that is often marginalised, often with few resources - and we specialise in generating social capital through sporting endeavour.

Drivers that started racing at Birmingham Wheels, have gone on to win F1 Grands Prix, the Le Mans 24hr race, Skating National Championships, and a whole lot more.

Please become a "Friend of Birmingham Wheels" by filling out the form below - everyone matters here, and joining our Friends Group will help us demonstrate how many people love this unique Park.


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