About Birmingham Wheels

Birmingham Wheels Park was conceived in the late seventies.


It was (and remains) a visionary plan ... to create an urban venue for youngsters to engage in Wheel-based sports, with a mandate to improve physical and mental well-being and to create value for community  ...


... the West Midlands Probation Service initially ran the 40-acre site, with much construction being undertaken by the Manpower Services Commission.

Throughout the eighties many of the facilities and infrastructure that still exist today were created, a large emphasis was also placed on the development of BMX and Speed skating, alongside motorsports including Karting and Stockcar racing.


Tens of thousands of participants use  Birmingham Wheels every year, along with many thousands of spectators.

Building on the historic role of Birmingham Wheels, as a positive agent for change in young people's lives, is the core value at the heart of Birmingham Wheels' philosophy.

There is no other venue like Birmingham Wheels in the UK - generating positive change, through opportunity to participate in a huge range of wheeled sports.

A park created by the people of Birmingham, for the people of Birmingham, in the heart of Motor City!


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"A unique facility offering sporting opportunity in the heart of Birmingham - the traditional home of the UK motor industry"


Junior Rally Rides - one of many unique and exciting experiences available at "Wheels"