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Creating Social Capital through Sporting Opportunity 
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Engaging Community through sporting excellence

Birmingham Wheels Park is currently the subject of a huge effort to save it from the bulldozers of Birmingham City Council.


The Park is protected after a Government Inspector found that the sports offered at the Park were so important to the local community that they must be preserved - and these protections were adopted by the Council in their Development Plan - a document that forms part of their constitution.

Birmingham City Council are determined to destroy the Park, and with it 40+ years of sporting excellence, to sell the land to a (any?) property developer - probably for warehousing.


Birmingham Wheels Park is a unique sporting facility - which aims to create social capital via community engagement in wheeled sports - ranging from Inline Skating to Stockcar racing. 

With six sporting arenas, and tens of thousands of participants annually, Birmingham Wheels has been the sporting home to National and World Champions since it was created in 1984.



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